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Parent(al) leave

My busy week leaves me with time only for this short post and a link to recent stories about parental leave policies, especially notable is Google’s 22 weeks of paid leave for birth mothers and 7 weeks to other parents. … Continue reading

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Cupid takes sides in the academy

On Valentine’s day the Stanford GIN group discussed the question of the interaction between gender and marriage status. The short answer from a recent survey of US historians is that married men advance faster than single men, but the reverse … Continue reading

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Lower your voice, increase your power

As every actor learns and knows, it is possible to influence your audience with your voice as well as with the words you speak. As we learned about non-verbal body postures cues, Stel et al have shown that voice pitch … Continue reading

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If I can’t see you, you can’t see me, right?

The concept of double-blind review for research manuscripts and grant applications is intriguing. We want to publish and fund the best science, right? Wouldn’t double-blind review focus reviewers’ attention on the science? Maybe. But, how would it work? And, would … Continue reading

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The marriage penalty for professional women

Check out these articles that deal with the upcoming GIN meeting (2/14) topic – how marriage decreases a women’s chance of professional success. Being Married Helps Professors Get Ahead, but Only If They’re Male – The Atlantic. Gender and Success … Continue reading

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