Parent(al) leave

My busy week leaves me with time only for this short post and a link to recent stories about parental leave policies, especially notable is Google’s 22 weeks of paid leave for birth mothers and 7 weeks to other parents. What does your University offer? Here is some information about large corporate employers:



About wormsense

wormsense is the alter-ego of Dr. Miriam B. Goodman, a sensory neurobiologist seeking to understand the sense of touch and to improve careers for women scientists.
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One Response to Parent(al) leave

  1. Louise Giam says:

    That’s really encouraging that Google allows for such a long time. Stanford’s policy seems to be 1-4 weeks prior to birth and 6-8 weeks (like many companies) afterwards ( In Sweden, husbands have to take mandatory paternal leave (; in a way, this policy levels the playing field in terms of male/female advancement.

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