GIX, where X = Neuroscience
is a group at Stanford University

Goal: to help all students in the program live up to their full potential as scientists.

We meet monthly to discuss gender differences that could be affecting our careers as scientists. The starting point for our discussion is usually a paper on the influence of gender on competition, risk taking, power, leadership, team performance, creativity, hiring and evaluation practices, or related issues. We analyze how the gender differences described in the paper might be playing out in our daily professional lives and then brainstorm about how to put the research to use. For example, we might discuss a paper describing laboratory experiments in which women in the top performance quartile choose to compete less than men in the bottom performance quartile (Niederle & Vesterlund 2010). We then consider whether this behavioral bias could be influencing our decisions to submit our work to top journals, or to apply for competitive fellowships and jobs. Most importantly, we discuss whether awareness of this result can enable women to use a cognitive strategy to override this behavioral bias.

These meetings raise awareness of gender differences and strategies we can use in our daily lives to overcome gender differences that might otherwise limit our career progress. They also provide students with a support network and with mentorship from women faculty who are devoted to student success.

We welcome community members of all sexes and genders to our meetings.

Why you should come, regardless of your gender:
1)   the data are interesting from a cognitive/neuroscientific perspective
2)   gender-related cognitive errors can limit your success as a scientist, whether you are female or male
3)   the career of your significant other/friend/colleague/child may be affected by gender-based cognitive errors
4)   lunch will be served

To join our mailing list, please e-mail marquesd@stanford.edu.

This site is maintained by students in the group and by the faculty founders: Drs. Jennifer L. Raymond and Miriam B. Goodman.

Currently moderated by MM Course; please send site comments and suggestions to mmcourse@stanford.edu.


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