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wormsense is the alter-ego of Dr. Miriam B. Goodman, a sensory neurobiologist seeking to understand the sense of touch and to improve careers for women scientists.

Men on the verge of scientific breakdown

Over nearly two decades, the Office of Scientific Integrity has documented cases of scientific misconduct associated with NIH-funded research. 90% of these cases involve fraud.  A recent study examined these cases in more detail to learn more about the people … Continue reading

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Knowledge Cloaks

Maybe you’ve heard news media reports noting that women lag behind men in understanding finances.  What is the evidence for such gender differences in knowledge and understanding of finances.  According to economist Annamaria Lusardi, it depends on how you ask.  … Continue reading

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Tip your hand, develop your voice

In April, the GIN group discussed Prof. Grunfeld’s video on ‘Power and Influence’. In our discussion, we considered the wisdom and challenge of acting to maximize authority or approachability and the dangers of feeling or being fake. Last week, Sonoo … Continue reading

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Visualizing STEM

This slick visualization from Scientific American (STEM degrees) 2008*, more biology degrees were earned by women than men.  Nearly half of all undergraduate degrees in chemistry were earned by women, but only 40% of PhDs. Though much discussion circles around the numbers, there … Continue reading

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What do voters want?

Apparently, more female candidates.  According to political consultants who now believe that women make desirable political candidates.  (For more, see A Woman’s Edge).  Why? The argument runs like this: voters assume women are more trustworthy and in touch with everyday … Continue reading

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Approaching authority

Last week, the GIN group reviewed and discussed Power & Influence with Deborah Gruenfeld, Professor, Stanford GSB.  Gruenfeld makes several key points about the interplay between body language and the dynamics of relationships, interactions and outcomes and proposes actions you … Continue reading

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She loves science?

No doubt some of you have heard the roar of the twitterverse and the blogosphere, the shock of discovering that the curator of the “I f*ing love science” page is none other than Elise Andrew, a twenty-something woman with a … Continue reading

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Portraits in influence

Tuesday April 2 will be the 2013 Katherine D. McCormick lecture at Stanford, making today a good day to say a few things about Mrs. McCormick.  She was the second woman to attend MIT and the first to graduate with … Continue reading

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I’ll take risk for $200

Previously, the GIN group read and discussed research by Niederle and Vesterlund suggesting that women and men differ in their risk-taking style and their approach to competition ( Apparently, this difference persists on Jeopardy! such that the more men know, … Continue reading

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Dinner with Hilda

Last week, wormsense had dinner with labor economist, Hilda Kahne. During her long academic career, Dr. Kahne worked as both a scholar and an administrator and applied her expertise in economics to work and working women.  As wormsense, her mother, … Continue reading

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